How it works


It's features

  • Mainly caters for business purpose

    Mainly caters for business purpose

    Workplace TaskOnBot mainly caters with streamlined task management at any type of formal realm.

  • Encourage employees

    Encourage employees with 'Praise' for their work

    This custom integration also allows your employees to feel 'Praised' with their type of work.

  • Workplace Task Management

    Create new task with comfort

    The admin of the Workplace TaskOnBot can easily create new task which will be real automation.

  • Initiate chat simply

    Initiate chat with simply typing 'Start'

    For your easy accessibility, you can start a conversation with simply typing 'Start'.

  • Admin can list My Task

    Admin can list 'My Task'

    This bot platform also allows the admin to list his/her task by just typing 'MyTask'.

  • better project management

    Helps to know how many members completed their task in real time

    For better task management, this will help to guide you with proper teamwork.

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