Team collaboration has never been easier before BotMyWork.

Manage teams at workplace while using multiple team collaboration tools you love.

increase productivity

How can we help you ?

collaborate teams

Collaborate with teams to increase productivity.

time management

Save time by letting bots manage and track things around you.

automate work

Integrate across different tools.

How BotMyWork makes difference?

Understanding how important effective and efficient team collaboration is, BotMyWork has been engaged in developing Bot Integrations for various team collaboration and messaging platforms like SLACK, WORKPLACE BY FACEBOOK, HANGOUTS CHAT, MICROSOFT TEAMS, ETC. to help teams simplify things and increase productivity at their workplace. By now, we have produced lot of bot services that have automated many of the multinational companies. This has been to ease their tasks and team management. Our main aim is to resolve every issue through bot services which curbs down the productivity of one's team or an organization at large.

BotMyWork acquires with reliable feedback from your team to help you and your organization to improve with energetic and advanced solution for tomorrow's world.

Why we have come up with this?

We have conducted several surveys and through that we have come up with a result that "you are in problem". Problem can be of any form. Be it:

  • employee communication gap with their management
  • meeting deadlines with other tasks going side-by-side
  • working in many teams and simultaneous switching from one team to another

Even so, we also know that every organization's need is different to the next. So we come up with custom bots which will simplify your functionality with smartness.

So integrate our bots with your favorite tools for free.