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Top 5 workflows measures which you dearly need for your employees in 2019

April 1, 2019

Every organization needs a system to make everything streamlined. So, make it happen via a systematic form, with a one-stop solution for digital scrum master, team task tracking, pure automation, and easy surveys! 

Nowadays, automation is everywhere. Starting from a simple remote-controlled toy to workflows measures in an organization. This process has proved to be the main setting for the whole dynamism of the working culture. You seriously need to look after workflows measures which your brand is catering to.

As 2019 has started, don’t you want to know what all it has for your business when it comes to clubbing up your team’s output? So, let’s brush up our basics before we go forward with 5 points.

What is meant by the workflow in business?

For the betterment of team members and their business process, you need to include a workflow system to make everything well gelled. It is a well-framed platform which clubs up various tools and solutions to manage work accordingly. With the assistance of workflow automation, your employees very well can manage tasks without any hassle of dropping out or forgetting.
Nevertheless, task alignment can also get developed by dynamic and simultaneous working capability.

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Benefits that this holds

  • Increases output and improves productivity (as now employees could tap in the task which they are scheduled for without any failure).
  • Streamlines and speeds up internal processes of tasking with ease and real automation.
  • Works error-free and without loop-holes.
  • Easy and transparent communication of the employees with their respective heads and vice-versa.
  • Simultaneous lowering of paperwork and picking up the project management technique with clever automation.
  • Chucks-off the need for manual decision making and handles everything with business rules.
  • Identifies performance trends (group and individual) over time.
  • Identifies and removes process barriers or bottlenecks.

Let’s discuss what are the 5 workflows which can be used for your business in 2019

1. Automate and keep track of daily schedule with maintained task reports

Workflows are measured better when there is rigorous tracking of the daily tasking without any loopholes. You just need to manage tasks with comfort and in a systematic way. You can facilitate with proper tasking which can be well created and assigned.

2. Continuous scrum meeting with the team leads and other members

Without giving any space to failures in business processes, you should also keep a hold of having scrum meeting via automated channels in ease. This will regulate every task according to the possibility of other aligned tasks. So, a meeting with other team members is a must.

3. Keep track of the routine assignment with a proper start and end time of the work

Tracking time over any singular task is a vital thing but most team leads keep away from this practice. For proper workflows measures, one needs to take proper care of the routine assignments. Along with their start and end time, it could be understood how much total time has been included.

4. Contest polls anonymously with the simplified format for better output

Surveys and polls are the best ways to know what your employees and team members want. It also helps you to know about their working spectrum. You as a team lead can very well create such polls and can also invite anonymous polls for proper privacy of thoughts and emotions.

5. Manage your employees leave requests and workability without any hassle

Human Resource Management of every organization time and again has found troubles in incorporating total leaves and workability absenteeism, no matter how streamlined reports they have made over the month. Workflow automation will create a proper simplified process of managing employees leave requests without any hassles.

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When are you planning to supercharge your team?

As the organization is for employees, employees are also for an organization. Both need to get synced for complete output. To thread everything in one go, you need to implement workflows measures into your management and thereby supercharge your team for 2019.
No matter how hard a team works, it needs a specific tool/automated solution to keeping everything well framed and ready to discuss upon. Business is not a child’s play and thereby its processes should be taken care through an effective workflow management system.

So, when are you planning to thread everything for a supercharged output?

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Top 5 workflows measures which you dearly need for…

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