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Top 5 ways to initiate employee engagement better!

July 6, 2018

Does your employee feel safe while pitching up their opinions at office?

Yes, I can hear that mummm. Well, don’t you worry this is the scenario of other organization which exist on this planet. Employee engagement is the nitro boost towards any organization for any workspace. This helps to survive and thrive under every situation.


Welcome to 21st century! Where employees emotionally committed to the organization are hardly met. To coin this situation into positive one, the managers of the organization should build a bond between the employees and the organization.

Employee engagement is the agenda of every organization. This keep whole HR team busy to improve the work ability of the space and build a relationship between the organization and the employee. Well, it is pretty much crucial for the organization to become engaged as it is the need of the hour. It is the thumb rule of the organization culture that:


The main focus here is employee, because all set things of the organization i.e.

  • revenue
  • work ability
  • quality of work
  • environment are all inter-related to employee.

This is out which further give birth to employee engagement.

Is employee engagement and job satisfaction inter-related?

No, its not. Job satisfaction is only a part of employee engagement. In its right terms, employee engagement level measures how well personal goals of an employees are met to their job oriented.

Well, there are three types of employees who cater to your business types as well.

  • Engaged:
    These are loyal and engaged employees. These employees work according to companies goals which brings the best out of it. They are sort of satisfied employees in the organization who can work 24*7 for the best ever output.

To add to it, these are budding leaders/managers and would likely to stay with the organization for longer run.

Maslow’s Hierarchy Theory of NeedsTop 5 ways to initiate employee engagement better!

  • Not engaged:
    They are not investing employees towards your organization. Only do minimalistic tasks only which are asked from them. Adding to this, they are non-interested employees who does not involve with the working of the organization. These team members are both threats and good opportunities. If they approached, they can be bring transformation in the working culture in office.
  • Actively disinterested:
    These are complete set of disinterested lot. They don’t indulge in any proceeding at office or organization at large. They create toxic environment during their timeline and often found in grapevine.

So, we at organization are equally distributed with such kind of people. It is the employee engagement ratio which amplifies the engagement level. Adding to it, this will lessen the level of actively disinterested set of employees.

Let’s learn how we can improve upon employee engagement-

1. Let your employees know about your organization’s mission:

Employee engagement is only possible if the employees of the organization know its mission. Emotionally committed to the organization, active employees knows how to tackle the situation and work accordingly. Employee engagement takes places when employee feel as bigger part. They are purposefully aim as forthcoming Top 5 ways to initiate employee engagement better!leaders and experts.

2. Working in a team should create a sense of belongingness:

Team formation is every organization dream and purpose or else there will be failure. HR of any organization helps every team to create belongingness towards each other.

3. Employee should pitch in their voice & work:

Employee engagement is only possible if their employees can voice in together and work. Organization is a big team of people who stand together to work and bring up revenues and quality work.

Every companies goals are set with definite mission and that can be better achieved with frequent surveys conducted by HR team. Even so, you can even have have polls to record uniform opinion of your people.

Best 5 steps for your employees to feel confident-compressed

4. Encourage employee to get job satisfaction:

If you want to increase engagement in your organization. You need to look into whether your employees are satisfied or not. In running an organization, you need to maintain a pace. This can be with talent level of each employee with their engagement level.
So, initiate more discipline in the system, you need to include employee rating system.

This will help the HR team to meet full report of the employee and the review he gets on his working. Even you can zest up the organizational environment by celebrating global festivities. This will pump up fun in the workability and lighten up the mood.

5. Encourage smooth communication in your organization:

For better employee engagement, you need to initiate smoother communication. This bring up everybody’s version. This can be better understood responsive HR team.

This will benefit employees/managers who can fetch follow up feeds on the questions asked and answers given in real time.


To know this in detail, read our previous blog on: Improve company culture with varied slack bots!


Wrapping up with this…

Well, if you want to run smooth and hustle-free employee engagement, you need to work towards it. As nothing happens overnight. To run an everlasting organization from the very first, you need to listen to your employee version as well.

improve employee engagement

Besides, it is for working performance, engagement level or celebration. You need to know your employees better…

Remember: When employees are highly engaged, this leads to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Better profitability
  • A team of workers pursuing the company’s vision and mission with encouragement and enthusiasm every single day.

Start working towards it today!

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Top 5 ways to initiate employee engagement better!…

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