Is managing tasks within team a headache for you ?

TaskOnBot is a Team task management & collaboration tool for Slack

The easiest way to track team tasks and manage them easily, all without leaving Slack.

task management

Re-defining The Way You Manage Team Tasks

Assign tasks in seconds

Tasks can be created inside any Slack Channel when the conversation is going on. Simply Create Task Using /assign and assign them to any number of team members. For example /assign create the report of last month sale
task management

Track Tasks in Realtime

Track ongoing tasks of Your Project in Realtime. Simply use /tasks Command and Get the List.

Manage and organize workloads

Know what task you have to do and which ones have priority. Filter Tasks of Your Team using /tasks Command and also check the Workload of Your Team Members.

Meet deadlines

Set Due Date using TaskOnBot so you Never forget when a Task is due. Simply Create Task using /assign and set due date.

Notifications Helps you Track the Work-Flow

When a new Task is created, TaskOnBot Automatically Sends the Notification to all the team members involved in the task. Whats more, it sends daily reminder of pending tasks.
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Generate Report of Team in single Click

Simply export the Progress Report of your team by Member Name, Status & Priority.

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How It Works

Install TaskOnBot for the Slack Team

To install the TaskOnBot on Slack, do the following steps:

Click Here : Add to SlackSign up with Slack

How team members can use the TaskOnBot?

To use TaskOnBot on Slack, do the following steps:
  1. Type /assign in the message box followed by the Task to be assigned and press Enter key.

    This will create the task, now you can add Due Date and Assignee (as many as you want) of the task.

    You can also attach Priority and Project Manager to the task as well using specific Actions.

  2. To check your pending tasks, simply type /tasks in the message box and press Enter key.

    This will show you all your pending tasks.

  3. You can also filter tasks based on Assignee, Due date, etc.
  4. To mark a task as complete, simply select Complete Task in Actions.
  5. To remove a task, simply select Remove Task in Actions.
  6. To edit a task, simply select Edit Task in Actions.

So what are you waiting for? Just install TaskOnBot and ease team collaboration. For more information and queries, you can Contact Us at