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Live chat software, Chatbots are used to acquire lead information to establish engagement and convert them into business customers. Increase conversions and leads with live chat- the role of chatbots aren’t restricted to this territory of business. Facebook Chatbot builder can also be used to provide personalized customer experience and improve customer service to gain loyal customers for the business. But, what if bot fails to answer customer queries or human interference required? BotMyWork Chatbot Builder For Facebook Messenger provides human takeover functionality to help developers and marketers to propose the best customer support service via Messenger Bots.

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Human Takeover On Live Chat

Chatbot Builder For Facebook Messenger enables individuals and businesses to monitor and takeover the live chat at any moment they feel Bot is not responding precisely. Human takeover on live chat can be easily initiated on the same messaging window by clicking on “takeover thread”- as the complete chat history is available, the human operator can effectively solve customer concern by communicating on the same window.

By default, the takeover time is set to 30 minutes, but it can be extended by customer service agent as per their customer requirement and resource availability. Once all the queries raised by the customer is solved, the conversational takeover can again be hand over to bot.

Employ Chatbot Live Chat Human Takeover Functionalities In Your Organization To Solve Queries In Real-Time When Bot Fail To Answer!

Benefits Of Live Chat Human Takeover For Support Agents

Provides personalized customer support & saves time by allowing automation

Bots Can Be Used To Acquire Potential Leads And Loyal Customers’ For The Brand

Customer support agents can take over the chat whenever they feel Bot is not providing intelligent support

Why Choose Live Chat Human Takeover Chatbot Developed By BotMyWork?

We provide Bot customization to users’ to let them meet all their business specifications

“Send and Automate” functionality can be used to again hand over the chat to bot when no human interference is required

Our Chatbot works on the new marketing strategy- Facebook Messenger to help businesses engage with their defined audience

Customer support agents can easily increase human interaction time by clicking on “+30 minutes”

Provide Personalized Experience To Prospects Via Chatbots To Acquire More Qualified Leads For Your Brand!