Your own leave management bot in few minutes!

Auto-Update Leave

Auto-Update Leave Balance

A leave management software is of no use if your HR staff has to calculate and update the leave balance of your employees manually.

LeavesOnBot+ has inbuilt leave management system that tracks the leave record with perfect management of employee absence and other leaves. For better accessibility of the record, it is displayed to both employee and their managers.

According to IBM's 2017 survey of 6,000 executives, 'Extending expertise: How cognitive computing is transforming HR and the employee experience,' 66 percent of CEOs believe cognitive computing can drive significant value in HR. Half of HR executives back that up, saying they recognize that cognitive computing has the power to transform key dimensions of HR. And 54 percent of HR executives believe that cognitive computing will affect key roles in the HR organization.
Dom Nicastro reports via CMS Wire

At-a-Glance Reporting

A leave management system should come with reporting module with interactive reports. This thereby helps in acquiring actionable understanding.

With LeavesOnBot+, you can view leave records in both Slack and Web app with multiple filters to customize.