Frequently Asked Questions

About LeavesOnBot+ for Slack

Getting started

General questions about LeavesOnBot+

What features does LeavesOnBot+ provides?

Following are the features LeavesOnBot+ provides:

  • Create Leave Requests
  • Employee Attendance Tracking
  • Create Unlimited Team FAQs
  • Simple Leave Approvals
  • Auto-Update Leave Balance
  • Add Holidays by Country
  • Leave Approvals as per Leave Policy
  • Multiple options for Leave Policy
  • Tracking Breaks and Lunch Interval
  • Timesheets based on Attendance
  • Ask Question not found in Team FAQs
  • Instant Reminders and Notifications
  • CSV/PDF Reports
  • Advanced Team Summary with Analytics
  • Customize Options by Team

What does LeavesOnBot+ PRO Plan Includes?

Other than features in FREE plan, PRO Plan Includes-

Create unlimited Leave Requests

Unlimited Employee Attendance Tracking

Create Unlimited Team FAQs

Pricing and Billing

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