Why have 4 HR management tools when you can do everything with one!

LeavesOnBot+ has an approach to the world of HR activities which breaks it down to a level your whole team can understand. By combining a brand new way to work with Automatic Leave Calculator and Inbuilt Employee Rating System - not to forget Anonymous Surveys within Team and Knowledgebase Management - LeavesOnBot+ for Slack is your all-in-one tool to team productivity, employee engagement, and seamlessly save time.

Automatic Leave Calculator

Team members can apply for leave by typing command /leaves and can check their leave status by typing command /leavestatus within Slack. HR manager can only fetch applied leaves of a specific as well as all team members. This will be a connecting bridge between the HR manager and the team members from where the latter can acknowledge the leave status and whether it has been approved or not.

task management

Answer Repetitive Questions Once

HR manager can create questions within Slack and team members can search question simply by typing command /ask followed by their question. It is for the benefit of the members/employees who can get the follow-up feeds on the questions asked and answer given on the real time basis.


Inbuilt Employee Rating System

HR manager can give review using command /givereview within Slack. As soon as HR manager gives review to a member, that member will be notified with the review status. This has been created for reviewing performance and workability of the members in the accordance with the work assigned to them.


Anonymous Surveys within Team

HR manager can create survey templates or use predefined templates. All members can give the survey by typing command /survey within Slack. This will create a check and add an overview of the survey for which it has been asked by the HR manager. This will provide a transparent relation with the HR manager and among other members.


Bot Activity Notifications in Realtime

LeavesOnBot+ sends the notification to related team member automatically on each activity. This will help members in the accordance with event or any other activity which will be taking place. Sending notification in real time by the HR manager will not only inform the members about the events/activity which is lined up but it will also help them to manage with the work during that period.

track work

Advanced Dashboard to Display Summary

Whats more! Admin gets Advanced Dashboard where they can check all HR based activities performing in the team. This will help HR manager to tap in the activities which are assigned to them with ease and without any failure.


Our Happy Clients

Overall it has been a worthwhile addition to our portfolio and I am looking forward to use it more. The best part of the program is that even a non techie can use this program and this has been the biggest takeaway from use the program, as in our organisation it is used by everyone across a broad range of function be it clerical, financial, technical personnel

Ganesh Subramanian

(E-PoS Systems (India) Pvt Ltd)

(TaskOnBot for Slack) Facilitates the management of everything setting up a reminder check!

Andrea Gonzalez

(Montgomery college)

It (TaskOnBot for Slack) was easy to integrate and keep track of tasks as the project progresses.

Chase Martin

(Elon and Company)

This (BusyOn for Hangouts Chat) is a great platform to work on.

Ruan Meintjes

(Conversation LAB)

It (BusyOn for Slack) helps people focus on output. By asking us what we are working on for the day, a COB goal is created.


(Sanlam Investments)

How to Start

Install LeavesOnBot+ for the Slack Team

To install the LeavesOnBot+ on Slack, do the following steps:

Add to SlackAdd LeavesOnBot+ to Slack

How can members use the LeavesOnBot+?

After a successful integration with Slack, you can do one of the following:

  1. /leavesonbot Help: To get a list of all possible commands
  2. /create HR Question: To create new question/answer
  3. /ask Your Question: To get answer to your question
  4. /leaves: To apply for leaves.
  5. /leavestatus: To know the status of your applied leaves
  6. /allleaves: To view pending leaves of team
  7. /givereview Username: To give review to specified user
  8. /checkreview: To check rating given
  9. /survey: To give the survey
  10. /checksurvey: To check survey results

So what are you waiting for? Just install LeavesOnBot+ and ease HR management. For more information and queries, you can Contact Us at support@botmywork.com.