How to mark a task as Complete?

Method: 1

To assign a task as completed from the channel, click on the ‘Actions‘ tab of the incompleted task.


After selecting the ‘Actions‘ button you can select the needed task status from the dropdown list. On clicking on the Completed option your task will be successfully marked as completed.

Method 2: To assign a task as completed from the channel, Type /tasks in the message box and click on the enter button.

After click on the enter button, pending tasks will display on the screen with some action tabs.

first, choose any task which you want to assign as completed.

After selecting a task a different action tab will display. Through this tab, you can perform some actions on tasks like Complete task, Assign to, and Remove Task. By clicking on the Completed Task action you can complete your pending task.

Method: 3 To assign a task as a completed, go to the dashboard and click on the ‘My Tasks‘. Here you can view the complete report of Unassigned Task, Pending Tasks, and Completed Task.

Go to the Pending tasks section, select a particular task and click on the ‘View‘ link.

After clicking on the ‘view‘ link a popup window will be displayed, here you can see the complete description of the task along with two buttons ‘Remove‘ and ‘Complete‘. If you click on the ‘Complete‘ tab then your particular task will be assigned as a completed task.

Here you can see that your pending task has assigned as the completed task.