How to know my tasks that are unassigned inside Slack?

Method 1:

If you assigned a task to someone by mistake, and now you want to unassign it, then follow the images below: ( For example – if you want to unassign Ethen Hunt )


Click on the Actions button and select Assign to:

Now select the member to which you want to unassign the task

Here you’ll get a button to unassign that member. After clicking on that button that member unassigned from the task



Method 2:

To Know the unassigned tasks list form the slack channel, Type /tasks in the message box and click on the enter button.

By clicking on the enter button, display pending tasks with two action buttons to perform some actions on the task and filter your tasks.

By clicking on the action tab some options will display, select ‘By Task Category‘ option.

After choosing that option all types of tasks will display, here we select ‘Unassigned Tasks‘ options.

Now, the list of all unassigned tasks will be displayed on the screen.

Method 3:

To get the list of unassigned tasks, go to the dashboard and click on the ‘My Tasks‘ tab. Here you can see the record of all types of tasks and you can also view the complete description of the selected task.