How to filter tasks via TaskOnBot in Slack?

  • To filter task, type /tasks

  • Then, you get all your pending tasks followed by following options in the drop-down list:
    • Assigned to
    • By Due Date
    • By Task Category
    • Incomplete Tasks In Channel

  • Assigned to

    • You would get a drop-down list consists of all users of the Slack team.
    • Once you select a user from the list, you would see all Tasks assigned to the selected user.
  • If you choose By Due Date

    • You see a list of dates. If you do not see the dates whose due tasks you want to see, you just need to type that particular due date in the drop-down list.
    • Once you select a date, you would see all your tasks on the selected date.
  • If you choose By Task Status

    • You see a drop-down list consists of following options:
      • Incomplete Tasks
      • Unassigned Tasks
      • Created by You
      • Monitored by You

      If you choose Incomplete task:

      • You would get a drop-down menu like assign to, by the due date, by task status, by the task.

      If you choose Unassigned Tasks:

      • You would see tasks that are created by you but are not assigned to anyone.

      If you choose Created by You:

      • You would see the list of Tasks created by me.

      If you choose Monitored by You:

      • You would see a list of Tasks that are monitored by me.
  • If you choose By Tasks

    • You see the list of IDs of your tasks that are pending.
    • Once you select an ID, you would see the information about the selected task.