How to delete a task?

Method 1:

To delete a task, Type /tasks in the message box and click on the enter button.


first, choose task which you want to delete the task.


After selecting a task a different action tab will display. Through this tab, you can perform some actions on tasks like completed task, Assign to, and Remove Task.
By clicking on the Remove Task action you can delete your task.


Method 2:

To delete the Pending and Unassigned tasks go to the dashboard and click on the ‘My Tasks‘ section. Here you can see the full report of all the task.


Suppose that if you want to delete an unassigned task then click on the particular task and click on the view link.


After clicking on the ‘view‘ link a popup window will be displayed, here you can see the complete description of task along with two buttons ‘Remove‘ and ‘Complete‘.

If you click on the ‘Remove‘ tab then your particular task will be deleted.