How to cancel an event

If you’d like to cancel an event, first find the event you’d like to remove. The easiest way to do that is type /eventson in the channel to see all the events posted.


When you find the event, click “Description” to reveal extra fields.


Now, click on the “Remove” button. This will cancel the event and a notification will be sent to all channels where this event invitation has been sent including the channel this event was created on.


What does it mean when an event is canceled?

When someone canceled an event, its effect will be:

  • All the event actions will be disabled. This means you cannot send reminders, invites other team members, or even update or see the event when it is canceled. These options will remain visible in the channel history, but you will receive error messages if you tried to use these options for canceled events.
  • Reminder notifications for these events will no longer be sent. This means all the in-channel notifications and Direct Messages reminders be not be received for such events.

What if I or someone other canceled an event by mistake?

Even in this situation, you do not need to worry much. Once you click “Remove” button to cancel an event, you get a notification in the channel mentioning who removed the event. Also, you get a “Restore this event” button. By clicking this, you can restore this canceled event and everything will be the same as before for this event.