How to filter tasks/activities using BusyOn?

BusyOn helps to filter the activities/tasks by following two ways.

  1. Goto the slack and type/busyon command to get a list of current activities of a member.busyon-view-all-task And here you can view and filter the task/activities according to team member and date.busyon-filter
    Here you can see the filtered result according to team member and date.busyon-filtered-result
  2. Now go to the dashboard, here you can filter tasks/activities by two different methods.busyon-dashboard-search(i) Search button: Select the team in the search bar and click on enter, your search result will display on the dashboard. (ii)Calendar search: pick a date which you want to filter the task/activities, your search result will be displayed on the frontend with the selected date.busyon-search-by-calendar