How team members can use Standup?

You can Run Standup Meetings within Slack via BusyOn integration for Slack, to track team activities like never before.
Now you can run Standup meetings asynchronously within Slack with no extra efforts and track the status of work of team members. Not only this, but you can also schedule Standup meetings for once as well as recur it and also can automate them within Slack to get the real-time report of every member. Follow these simple steps to create your first standup report:

1. Type /Standup in any channel.


2. This will open a popup. Now fill questions for standup meetings.


3. and schedule it accordingly.


4. Now select an option from Once and Recurring to schedule Standup meeting.

5. If you select option is recurring then you also set day and time of the recursion. Once selected, Meeting will run according to the time selected.


6. After that standup, report sends to the team member who created this standup meeting.


7. If your team member does not interested in standup meeting then they send a simple reply from the dropdown.


8. If they click on ‘Run Now’ then your member gives the answer to the selected questions. and after completing the question-answer session a submission message will display on the member end.


9. and you can see the result of a standup report in the channel or group where it created.