Installation & troubleshooting

In order to start a connection with “BusyOn for Hangouts Chat”.

1. Click the “Connect with Google” button on the main page of BusyOn’s website.


2. Here you need a G Suite account to access Hangouts Chat. Enter your Google Account details and click on continue.


3. After a successful connection of BusyOn with your Google account, you need to follow the instructions visible on your screen. Basically, you need to add your first task inside Hangouts Chat using @BusyOn. For this, just click on “Continue In Hangout Chat” button.


4. If you already added BusyOn bot to your Room, then skip this step. If not, then you will see following on your Room in Hangouts Chat.

Click on “Add people & bots” button, and you will see bot directory on your screen. Here search BusyOn via search box and select the suggestion.

After you click BusyOn from suggestions, you will see following screen. From here click on Add to Room button. After this, the BuysOn bot will be successfully added to the current Room.

5. To add a task, firstly you should already have added BusyOn to Room or DM. Then add your first task by typing @BusyOn followed by your task title.


6. Now click on “View On Dashboard” link to view the BusyOn dashboard in your account.


7. Here you can see the dashboard.


How team members Sign in to BusyOn after installation

1. Click the “Sign in with Google” button on the main page of BusyOn’s website.
2. Enter your G Suite Google account credentials to access Hangouts Chat and click on “Continue”.

Trouble Re-installing BusyOn

If you’re having trouble re-installing BusyOn, or trouble adding BusyOn to a new team, try removing browser cookie before signing in.