How to Edit Task Title and Due Date inside Hangouts Chat?

You can edit task title and due date in DM to BusyOn. Follow the steps below to achieve this inside Hangouts Chat:

  • Type @BusyOn list in DM to BusyOn and press ENTER key.
busyon list
  • This will show the latest ten tasks assigned to you. Now click on EDIT icon at the task whose title or due date you want to change.
  • After clicking the icon, you will see the following. On clicking EDIT TASK TITLE or EDIT DUE DATE, you can change task title and due date respectively.
  • As you click EDIT TASK TITLE option, you will be asked for the new task title. Similarly, as you click EDIT DUE DATE option, you will be asked for the modified due date of the task.
  • As you press ENTER key after typing new task title, the task info will be updated for the change.