What Are The Limitations On The FREE Plan?

A free plan always occupies some limitations in terms of use. Similarly, BotMyWork Chatbot Builder also posses certain limitations on the Free version. Go through them to know why you need to adopt the paid version. In concise with the free version of BotMyWork Chatbot Builder:

-Businesses can interact with 250 subscribers. That means you won’t be able to form interaction beyond 250 subscribers. Moreover, the users who have unsubscribed your page will also be counted in the group of 250 subscribers. In short, you can’t engage with a new user. 

-No user segmentation. Individuals and businesses can’t segment their audience in any aspect. 

-No human involvement. Support members can’t take over the live chat even if bot fails to respond to customer queries.

-Restriction on the number of groups for FAQ. Businesses would be able to create 50 (Lifetime) groups for FAQ.  But not beyond that.

-Businesses and individuals have to build chatbot by themselves. No help or the one-to-one session will be provided by the customer support agent. Customer support is only available on Facebook Community of BotMyWork Chatbot Builder.

View the pricing plan of Chatbot Builder. And increase the number of users that can interact with your bot. Not only to increase the number of users but also to leverage other amazing functionalities of Chatbot Builder.