How Is PRO Plan Different From The FREE Plan?

The PRO plan of BotMyWork Chatbot Builder starts with a monthly cost of $14 (USD) for up to 1000 subscribers. There are major benefits that businesses acquire from the PRO plan that they can’t obtain from the FREE plan of Chatbot Builder. 

FREE Plan PRO plan
  1. Businesses can engage up to 250 subscribers. 
  2. Users segmentation is not possible.
  3. Businesses can create 50 (Lifetime) groups for FAQ.
  4. Support members can’t take over the live chat during bot interaction with customers. 
  5. No one-to-one session for building the Messenger bot. 
  6. BotMyWork Watermark shows up. 
  7. Customer support is available only on “Facebook Community of BotMyWork”.
  1. Up to 25000 subscribers interaction can be established.
  2.  Users segmentation to better target the audience is possible.
  3. Businesses can create unlimited numbers of groups for FAQ.
  4. Support members can use the live chat take over functionality to resolve customer queries.
  5. A one-to-one session is provided to help business build their Messenger bot.
  6.  No BotMyWork Watermark appears.
  7. Provides Live chat support to customers.


This is how the PRO plan is different and better from the FREE. BotMyWork Chatbot Builder comes with a 30-days refund policy. For more details check out the pricing plan of BotMyWork Chatbot Builder.