What Can I Do In The Live Chat Section?

Before knowing what you can do in live chat? It’s essential to understand why there is a need for a platform containing the functionalities of live chat. 

Bots are used to automate workflows. But it doesn’t mean bots don’t require manual support. Users usually think implementing a bot in Facebook Messenger is the only task they’ve to perform. But it’s wrong! Even after configuring a bot in Messenger users need to perform some manual tasks. 

These are some of the areas that require manual support that isn’t possible to achieve through bot for now. 

  1. Solving customer queries is not always possible by bots. That’s why it requires human engagement.
  2. Assigning  different tags to subscribers
  3. Collecting all the essential information about the subscriber
  4. Tracking the active number of users and the actions they perform

These reasons are illustrating the need for a live chat tool. And the good news is that the BotMyWork Chatbot Builder platform holds the effectiveness of live chat. To explore the functionalities of chatbot builder live chat feature users need to click on the “Live Chat” from the left sidebar. 



From hundred or thousand or millions of subscribers, users can engage with the subscriber they want by using the search bar present at the top-left corner of the screen.

Users can collate subscribers’ basic information like(name, profile photo, language, and location) from live chat panel. Through “Download Info” and “Delete Info” buttons users can download or delete all the basic information about their subscribers. These options start becoming visible when users click on the three dots. 




With chatbot builder live chat feature, users can monitor the conversation between their subscribers and bots. They can even take over the conversation if the bot fails to respond and there is a need for a human to handle the situation. For this users need to click on the “Takeover” button. 




Support members need to click on “+30 minutes” to extend the takeover time. The human takeover on live chat can be given back to the bot using “Takeover” or “send and Automate” button.  

To convert the potential lead into a customer bot fetches all essential information like email, location, phone number, and many more. 


You can’t send any advertising, solicitations, marketing, or promotional content of any kind to the subscribers who have interacted before 24 hours.