How To Pause The Bot And Take Over The Conversation To Personally Chat With My Clients?

You’re using Messenger bot for bringing conversational flow and reduce customer support work. But at certain points, it might be possible that you want to interact with your customers. This interaction(human take over Conversation functionality) can be required for three prime reasons. 

  1. The bot isn’t responding properly.
  2. Bot fails to solve customer queries.
  3. Customer support is required to close the deal.

The good news is, using BotMyWork Chatbot Builder, businesses can take over conversation whenever they want. The human take over can be initiated by clicking on “Live Chat’ from the left sidebar. 

Click on the chat where human interference is required. Now click on the “Takeover Thread” button to divert live chat from bot to customer support. 


By default, the take over time is set to 30 minutes. But it can be extended as per the resource availability and customer requirement. So, to extend the take over time click on “+30 minutes” present above the timer.


Businesses can not only extend the time but, they can even pause the human interaction by clicking on the “Timer” or by using the “Send & Automate” button.


Use live chat take over conversation functionality and close all qualified leads into customers. Live Chat panel includes much more than this. Click here to know What Can I Do In The Live Chat Section?