Why My Bot Is Not Responding?

If your bot isn’t responding check out these steps to make your bot again responsive.

  • Make sure your bot is connected with Facebook Page. Read this to know how to connect bot with Facebook Messenger!
  • In the free version of Chatbot Builder, users can interact with 500 subscribers. So, if you belong to the free trial group make sure you haven’t reached the limit. Use Analytics Window to check the number of users you’ve interacted. And if it represents 500 users then contact us to get the paid version.




  • If your page is connected and the number of users interacted is also less than 500 then try to reconnect your page. From Chatbot Builder dashboard, click on setting from the left sidebar. Now go to “General Settings” and disconnect your Facebook Page by clicking on the unsubscribe button. Now again integrate your Facebook Page with the bot.  




  • If still, your bot isn’t responding it might have some permission issues. For this, remove BotMyWork Chatbot Builder app from “Business Integration”. Follow these steps to remove the app.
    1. Open your Facebook App 
    2. Go to “Business Integration” from “Settings” 
    3. Now remove BotMyWork Chatbot Builder app




  • Remember your bot won’t respond if your blocks contain invalid (Block, URL, or Phone Number). So, make sure all the entries in your blocks hold valid properties.
  • It might be possible that your Chatbot Builder app is conflicting with other apps. [Conflicting with other apps means you’re using more than one app to interact with your users. “Facebook Default Messages” is one of the examples.] For this first, turn off Facebook Default Messages on your Facebook Page. Then remove all the other apps from “Business Integration” that you’re using for user interaction. If you find difficulty in resolving this issue contact our support.

Still, the bot isn’t responding. Contact us we’ll give our best to resolve your queries.