How To Analyze Subscriber Details And Create Segments?

Use the analytics report to track your subscribers’ details and segment them for better output.

Analyze Subscriber Details

Perform these two steps and acquire your subscribers’ details.

  1. Go to “Audience” panel from the dashboard.
  2. Sort the list via “Name” attribute.


In the Audience section, the following details about the subscriber are accessible.

  1. Name of the subscriber.
  2. Gender identification of the subscriber.
  3. The Time Duration a user converted into a subscriber.
  4. The Current Status of the user. 


Along with this, users can also acquire tag details. Such as the total number of tags assigned and the name of those tags. 

Create Segments

In the live chat panel, assign relevant tags to segment your audience into groups. To perform segmentation users are requested to visit each individual chat window. 

On the right-hand side, there is a tag section in which users can segment their subscribers into a group. Now in the live chat panel, users can leverage the pre-defined user tag or can create a new tag that meets subscriber specifications. 


For instance, if there is a subscriber who is interested in social media blogs and there is not a pre-defined tag for him. Then users can create a new tag either in broadcast level or live chat panel. The tag that can be used here is social media.

Note- Pay special attention while assigning tags as it will help you in reaching the right group.  Keep your tags easy and simple to remember. Contact our support team at or Facebook community for further queries.