How Can I Create a Series Of FAQs?

How can I set multiple answers for each question? So, that I can automate the workflow to reduce support work. And will it create a personalized experience for my customers?

Yes, through Chatbot Builder, you can create multiple answers for each question and automate workflow by bringing personalization.

For this, you need to click on “Knowledgebase” from Chatbot Builder Dashboard. Here you’ll find two sections. In one section, you can enter phrases that your customers might use to interact with you. And in the other section, you can add random bot replies.


For instance, if you belong to the food industry. And your users say hello or hi to initiate the conversation. You can set random bot replies such as How Can I Help You? Are You Looking For Resturants Near You? Do You Want To Order Online? and many more. In this, way you’ll be able to create a series of faq to reduce support agent work. So, to create a series of faqs follow these steps.

First from “If Users Says” section enter the phrases that your customers might use to interact with you. And separate each phrase using “Enter”.

Now from “Bot Replies With Random” select the block created in the “stories” section and the text reply that’ll display along with blocks.

Note- Users can add up to five “Text Replies”.