Can I Schedule My Broadcast Message?

Yes. Chatbot Builder provides broadcast scheduling functionality to let individuals and businesses meet their audience at the right time with the right message. 

To schedule your broadcast message through chatbot Builder go to “Broadcast” section from your Chatbot Builder account. Once you’ve created the broadcast content, you’ll be redirected to “Settings” where you can schedule your broadcast message.

From “Schedule Broadcast” click on “Schedule For Late” radio button to enter the date and time, you want the message to get registered in the database.

Enter other required information like “Message Type, “Notification Type” and segment your target audience by using filters. 

Broadcast Messages is one of the functionalities that can help you maintain your engagement level with your subscribers. Along with engagement you can even provide a personalized experience to your subscribers by using template string ({first_name}} and {{last_name}}) while crafting your message.


Note- 1. Audience Reach- Broadcast API provides an ability to reach 10,000 recipients per message. Depending on audience size message might not reach all at once.
2. Call Rate Limits- Calls to the Broadcast API are rate limited to 10 calls per 60 seconds per page.

To know how to create your broadcast message click on How To Create A Broadcast Message?