How To Create A Recurring Broadcast Using Chatbot Builder?

Broadcast is a feature that makes it possible to interact with a large number of your subscribers in one go. Further, the recurring feature makes it more convenient to set intervals on a certain message to send the recurring messages automatically.

Creating a recurring broadcast is simple in BotMyWork Chatbot Builder. 

These steps are:

1.Open the chatbot, and from the vertical menu, click on Broadcast

2.From the Broadcast panel, click on the “New Broadcast” button

new broadcast

3.Click on “Create New” button

create new

A new broadcast window appears, where you need to set three things:

broadcast setting

1.Message Tag: To select the purpose of the message (which is Standard Message by default)

standard message

2.To: Here you can set or segment out the audience whom you wish to send this brandcast.

to subscribers options

3.Message content and time: Write down what message you wish to send to all your select subscribers. And to set time, click on the checkbox “send scheduled message“.


Under the Repeat section, you can set hourly, weekly monthly, based on your requirement. 

repeat time

Finally, preview and save your broadcast.