How to Create an Omnichannel Broadcast?

Omnichannel broadcast lets you send broadcast messages through multiple channels.

For example, if you create a broadcast, then omnichannel broadcast features let you send that broadcast on messenger inbox and emails or other available channels. 

Let’s create an omnichannel broadcast:

**Requirement: To run an omnichannel or multichannel broadcast, you need to have multiple channels open to your subscribers. That is; apart from the Messenger inbox, you must have the email address of your subscribers or contacts. 

To get an email, either you can use an input attribute to get an email from your subscribers or manually add.

To add manually, go to the Inbox menu, and click on the chat/contact whose email address you want to add.

select and add email


1. First, create a new broadcast.

2. In the Message Tag, set it as CBB Multichannel. 

set message tag

As you select CBB Multichannel, the list of reachable subscribers is automatically fetched.

Chabot can send broadcast messages into the Messenger Inbox only to those contacts that have interacted in the last 24 hours. For remaining contacts, the broadcast messages automatically will be sent to the available email addresses.

Hence, This feature allows you to interact with your contacts through multiple channels that are chosen intelligently by the chatbots based on the availability of the channel, without any manual efforts.