How To Create A Broadcast Message?

Broadcast messaging characteristic is one of the functionalities that make Chatbot Builder more flexible and adaptable in its audience mind. With broadcast messaging feature, users’ can reach multiple subscribers with one-click. There will be no need to switch to another panel or send messages individually to each subscriber.

Without visiting each subscribers’ message window, individuals and businesses can update their target audience about the updation of new products and services.

To create your first or series of broadcast messages go through these steps.

  1. Login to your Chatbot Builder account and click on “Broadcast” from the sidebar
  2. Now, from broadcast panel click on “Create” to craft your message
  3. Once your Broadcast Message is prepared, click on “Create Button”

On clicking the Create Button, you’ll be redirected to settings where you can specify various parameters regarding the message. 

  1.  Clarify your message type (Subscription Broadcast, Follow-Up Broadcast, Tagged Message)
  2. Specify the time you want to send your broadcast through the radio button present on the panel
    1. Click on “Send Now” to send your message in the present time
    2. Click on “Schedule For Later” if you want to send the message on some specific occasion. Enter the date and time you want to schedule your content. 
  3. Use “Targeting Broadcast” to set filters and segment your audience 

Note- To target the audience, users’ can take into account first_name, last_name, full_name, input, demographic details, and tags. Through these parameters, any user can segment its audience to get better results.

*Users can apply multiple filters to make the message more audience-centric. 

4. Using the “Notification Settings” select the type of notification you want subscribers should get on receiving the message (“Regular Push”, “Silent Push” and “No Push”)


By following this approach, users can easily schedule their content to attain their subscribers’ attention and bring more conversions.