What If I Want To Apply Multiple Filters On Broadcast Message? Can I Do That With Chatbot Builder?

Users’ that crave to reach a defined group of subscribers can connect with their audience by applying multiple filters on broadcast message. In today’s competitive world, it’s essential to reach the right audience at the right moment. Chatbot Builder simply helps in reaching the right audience by applying multiple filters on the broadcast message. Employ multiple filters on broadcast messages based on demographic details, user-defined tags, and Facebook string templates.  

*The filter list automatically gets improvised as the demographic details about the subscriber increases. 

To employ multiple filters on every broadcast message follow this procedure.

  1. From the Broadcast section, create your content
  2. Now from “Settings” go to “Targeting Broadcast” to perform customers segmentation
  3. Apply the filters, you want to get implemented for your broadcast message
    1. To employ multiple filters click on the plus(+) symbol present on the left corner
  4. When done with filters and other essential information required for creating the message click on the “Send” button




In this way, users’ can segment their subscribers by applying several filters on every message. *Users can also practice “Send Only” and “Ignore Only” option to make their message more audience-centric.