What Is The Role Of Persist Menu?

When subscribers want to interact with you through Messenger, they’ve to click on the “Get Started” button present at the bottom of the messaging window. This is the option that Facebook provides to its audience. But, what if you desire to give more options to your subscribers for initiating the conversation? Here comes the role of Persist Menu!

Persist menu allows marketers to add three more options for initiating the conversation. So that subscribers can start the communication except “Get Started” option.

To activate these options, users’ need to click on “Persist-Menu” from “Settings”. Now they need to click on “Add Here” to add the options they want to display on Messenger. Different actions like nested, postback and URL can be implemented on each button.



Now click on the “Publish on Facebook” button to make all the changes live.

Note- To activate the functionalities of Persist Menu users first need to turn on the “Get Started” button present on the “General Setting”.



Users can turn off “Get Started” if they don’t want to leverage the functionalities of Persist Menu. To know how to add options in Persist Menu click here.