How To Migrate Your Existing Bot To BotMyWork Chatbot Builder?

Check the steps to know how to migrate your existing bot with BotMyWork Chatbot Builder. 

According to the current scenario, there is no way to migrate an existing bot to new. But still, there are ways through which you can import your subscribers’ data to the new Messenger bot. Check out the ways to import your subscribers’ data.

  1. Connect your new bot(untrained bot) with the page your existing bot was integrated.
  2. Using your existing bot broadcast a message to all your subscribers informing about your new Messenger bot. In your broadcast message include buttons requesting your subscribers to stay connected through your new bot.
  3. All those subscribers’ information will be imported who’ve responded to your broadcast.
  4. Enable your existing bot and start using your new Messenger bot.

Note- You’ll lose all the subscribers who haven’t responded to your broadcast message. If you want to stay connected with them send them reminder messages and foster them towards your new bot by illustrating its benefits.