How to Migrate Existing Chats to Your New Bot?

When you create a new chatbot with BotMyWork and connect any of your existing Facebook business pages, the existing chats or contacts will not be automatically fetched and updated in the contact list of your new chatbot.

However, we have a feature of import/export that allows you to migrate existing chats and contacts from your Facebook page to your newly built chatbots.

To import/export, follow these steps:

1.From the vertical menu of BotMyWork Chatbot Builder, click on “Contacts“.

2.From the submenu, click on “Import/Export“.

3.Click on the “IMPORT” buttonimport existing chat

4.As you click, a list of all the existing contacts from the connected page appears as a popup.

5.You can add these fetched contacts in three different fashion.

a)One by one:

one by one import


selected contacts import

c)Import All

import all contacts option

Remark: While importing a lengthy list of contacts together, you can check the status of a particular contact in the screen that appears while import is in progress.

imported contact status

After this import, all your selected contacts will be migrated or imported to your “All Contact” section.

updated contact list

Note: The source of these contacts is “Page_inbox” because these contacts are taken from the page inbox rather than organically by the chatbots. 

Now after the successful migration, you can message them from here and entertain all the contacts directly with chatbot automation.