How To Create My First Bot With Chatbot Builder?

Chatbots can reduce manual work, bring new potential leads, create a series of FAQs, and much more. The requirement of chatbots varies from industry to industry. But the question remains the same! How can I create my first chatbot?

Here is a step by step way to build your first chatbot with BotMyWork Chatbot Builder.

1. Sign up on BotMyWork Chatbot Builder account with your Facebook account.

chatbot builder signup

2. Facebook panel opens up asking for you to choose an account.

facebook popup

3. Select the Facebook Page you want to integrate with Chatbot Builder

select facebook page

4. After this, as you click Next, it shows the confirmation of the built connection.

page connected

5. After this, you will land on the BotMyWork Chatbot Builder App, as shown below.

create new bot

6. As you click on “Create New Bot” a new bot will appear. You can give a name to this bot, and Connect bot with a Facebook page.

connect bot

Well done!

You have created a new bot, however, this bot is untrained and still not smart enough to chat with your customers. Click on the bot to open it. The dashboard of the bot appears as shown below (from where you can manage the entire bot and trained it for your business).

chatbot dashbaord

1. Vertical Menus: Dashboard, Stories, Q/A, WhatsApp Bot, Inbox, Contacts, Broadcast, Analytics, Entry Points, Integrations, Automation, Growth Tools, Community. 

2. Overview: To check the subscriber count and plans

3. Watch and Explore: To learn more about the Chatbot Builder through these videos. 

Let’s Start To Train Your Basic Chatbot:

1. With the stories section, your chatbot knows WHAT to reply. Go to the Stories menu and write down Welcome and Default blocks. Welcome block helps chatbot reply to the customer’s “Hello” or other kind of greeting, while Default block is replied when the bot does not understand. You can create other blocks such as “sales”, “email capture”, “company’s branding”, etc. And, add more elements to each block as well. 

You can test the working directly from the Messenger icon on the top right side.

create stories

 2. With the Q/A section, your chatbot knows WHEN to reply to anything. It has two sides; customer’s and bot’s. All you need to do is assume what queries your customer might ask to your bot, and then what replies you bot gives back. The blocks created help in making this conversation flow.

create q&as

3. The remaining menu such as Inbox, Brandcast, Analytics, Entry Points, Integration, Growth Tools, etc, have features that help in improving the above basic chatbot that we built.