How To Collect Subscribers Details For Further Use?

Collate subscribers’ details through Messenger bot and enlarge your customer base. 

If you want to nurture and increase the interest of your subscribers in your brand then it’s mandatory to ask for their details. Through the live chat panel of the BotMyWork Chatbot Builder, you can easily ask for your users’ information. 

For this, you need to train your bot using the “Stories” section and prepare your script. While creating the script (conversational workflow for bot) train the bot to ask data like location information, phone number, email address and much more. 

Train-Your- Bot-And-Collect-Subscribers-Details

You can also train your bot using the native elements present in the “Stories” section. Once your bot is trained, it can easily collect details about your subscribers during the live conversation. Contact our support team at or Facebook community for further queries.