Can I Provide More Conversation Options In BotMyWork Chatbot Builder?

Yes, to initiate the conversation, you can provide three more Conversation options to your subscribers except “Get started”. For this, you need to visit the “Persist Menu” section and perform these steps. 

  1. Go to Chatbot Builder Dashboard
  2. Click on “Settings” from the sidebar
  3. Then from Account Settings, go to “Persist Menu”
  4. First click on “Add Here” and then “Option” to add your start conversation options
    1. Insert the name you want to give to the new option
    2. Select any one option (nested, postback, web_url) to complete your action 
      1. To create a nested set model select the “Nested” option. With nested option you can create five “Main Menu” and five “Sub Menu”.
      2. Click on “Postback” to implement the block created in the story section
      3. Click on “Web_URL” and insert the link on which you want to redirect your subscribers.
      4. Now click on “Save” “button
  5. In the end, click on “Publish On Facebook” to make your changes Live



Note- From 15 August 2019, Messenger will not support nested menu functionality. Facebook has mentioned that they’re switching from nested menu to single layer menu, in accordance to generate a better experience between subscribers and businesses. They’ve said, all business pages allocated with the nested menu list will function as a flat list after the mentioned date. To get more insists about the updation in Messenger platform and Persist Menu click here.