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Improving Slack with human resource management with HROnBot

February 14, 2018

For a better office functioning, whole HR team works as a gasoline for running things together and without any difficulty. As Slack has already fostered a great deal of understanding within team-mates and produced more productivity in less time, it is high time its growing effect should also penetrate into the realms of human resource! Join Slack and make every proceeding in an office with ease!
So, you must be thinking, why should you choose office slacking for HR?

But, my friend if you are not thinking likewise, you are missing out the catch!

Office slacking for HR is much needed as it:

  • Streamlines platform for all employees to communicate with HR and discuss their issues with ease.
  • Increase transparency within office realm
  • Give better access to information
  • Helps processes smoothly
  • Extends well-defined company culture with compatibility to treat each employee with equality.
  • Develop HR knowledge base with the ongoing activities around.
  • Leave manaagement with inbuilt calculator
  • Develop team member review
  • Simple feedback through surveys

Since the recent past, with over 4 million users have opted slack for HR Management. It has also upscaled strategic investments which HR team members across the globe are trying to optimize as much as possible.

So if by chance you are lagging behind, create slack account now!

Earlier, the slack was used within a team for better task processes, keeping up with deadlines, better project management, smooth communication and everything else to increase productivity. But now, it has grown its reaches and is able to facilitate best of services in human resource management too!

How can you improve your HR process through Slack?

The answer is HROnBot by BotMyWork. By installing HROnBot within your Slack team can improve HR Management based activities within your team by:

  • Type /create command followed by the HR Question, it will show you a dialog box for writing and saving the answer for that question.

    This command is only for authorized users selected by admin.

  • Type /ask command followed by the question or related keywords, it will display a dropdown with the related questions, you can choose the question you want answers for.
  • Type /leaves command in the message box and a dialog box will be poped up displaying from-to dates fields along with reason fields for applying for leaves.

    It will calulate leaves based on the settings of working days and holidays and will deduct the accurate leaves from your remaining leaves.

  • Type /leavestatus command to know the status of your applied leaves.

    If not approved, a Remind button will be attached with that leave for reminding the HR Team for yor leave request.

  • By typing /allleaves command, authorized users can view their teams pending leaves and are provided with buttons for approval and rejection of leaves.

    As soon as he approves or rejects the leave, a message will be send to that leave requesting user.

  • Type /givereview command followed by the username, it will allow you to give review to that specified user based on the topics set by the admin.

    This command is only for authorized users selected by admin.

  • By typing /checkreview command a user can check his rating given by other users.
  • Type /survey command to give the survey for a specific template set by the admin.

    You are provided with sets of question which needs to be answered in yes or no.

  • Type /checksurvey command to check the survey results.

    This command is only for authorized users selected by admin.

Well, managing the different group at a time can be difficult but not with Slack! HROnBot witin Slack is a great communication tool for your business to outshine in performance and accomplishment of the project by the set deadline.

So if you, as an HR head of your organization cannot able to manage things with smoothness and calm mind, then maybe you are missing an important pillar of your organization!

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Improving Slack with human resource management wit…

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