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Customer engagement directly depends on- how quickly a business responds to their customers' problems! If businesses wish to have loyal customers’, then they need to solve their customers’ queries in minimum TAT. FAQ Chatbot simply works to convert businesses wish into reality by letting them add all the frequently asked questions of their products and services.

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Create a series of FAQ

Before arriving on any purchasing decision, customers have multiple questions regarding the products and services they’re planning to buy. These questions are important from customers perspective but, for the support team is one of the time-consuming tasks that need to get automated.

FAQ Bot help developers and customer support agents to create a series of questions that are more frequently asked by customers. In this system, individuals and businesses will be able to prepare a list of all questions with the most suitable answers for products and services individually to minimize manual work. These questions can then be used during a live chat with customers to reduce support ticket number.

Chatbot Works On Natural Language Processing

Chatbot Builder for Facebook Messenger uses NLP to provide a natural conversational surrounding to customers while solving their problem on Messenger. This natural surrounding created by bot help businesses to provide personalized customer support and acquire loyal customers for the business.

botmywork bot builder
botmywork bot builder

Provide 24/7 Customer Service

Customers of today want 24/7 customer support from the business they’re interacting but, this won’t be feasible by a human operator. So, to overcome from this scenario, chatbot builder for facebook messenger help businesses to provide exceptional customer service 24/7 by bringing automation in customer support tasks.

Use Rating & Surveys To Measure Customer Satisfaction

Ratings and surveys help businesses in identifying whether their support service helped customers in solving their queries or not! Through chatbot builder for Facebook Messenger, a business can prepare rating and survey questions to provide more improvised customer support to its customers in the future.

Business can leverage rating and survey system during live communication to better know about their customer support services and improve the weak points to earn customer satisfaction.

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Employ Facebook Messenger Chatbot To Answer Your Organization's Frequently Asked Questions By Gaining All The Functionalities Of FAQ Bot

Benefits Of Using FAQ Chatbot For Businesses

It’s easy to provide 24/7 customer support without the involvement of human resource

Reduces customer support agent work and staffing cost by reducing the ticket number received on the helpdesk

Helps in understanding customers’ behavior by preparing rating and survey questions

Why Choose The FAQ Bot Developed By BotMyWork?

We provide Bot customization to users’ to let them meet all their business specifications

In the next version, we’re going to introduce FAQ import functionality to make our Bot more cogent.

Our Chatbot works on the new marketing strategy- Facebook Messenger to help business engage with their defined audience

We’ll help you build your Q&A Bot for Facebook Messenger in minimum possible time

Increase Customer Engagement By Customizing The FAQ Bot As Per Your Business Requirements