Let Your Chatbot Answer All The Frequently Asked Questions Of Your Organization


Customer engagement directly depends on- how quickly a business responds to its customers' queries! FAQ chatbot for businesses allows to create your own FAQ series that reduces staffing cost. Through the implementation of FAQ bot, businesses can keep their question & answer up to date and hence, increase customer engagement. Design the voluble experience on your website as this is the Best FAQ chatbot for Facebook Messenger to answer your organization's frequently asked questions.


Create a series of FAQ

FAQ Bot help developers and customer support agents to prepare a pre-defined list of FAQs that are more frequently asked by customers. These questions can then be used by the bot during a live chat with customers to reduce support ticket number.

Q&A Chatbot Works On Natural Language Processing

Q&A bot solves customers queries on Messenger using NLP. This question answer chatbot provides personalized customer support and acquire loyal customers for the business.


Provide 24/7 Live Support

Chatbot Builder for Facebook Messenger provides exceptional customer service by bringing automation in customer support tasks.

Use Ratings & Surveys To Measure Customer SatisfactionUse

Chatbot Builder for Facebook Messenger prepares rating and survey questions to improvise customer service model. Leverage rating and survey system during a live chat to analyze the weak points of support and work accordingly to earn customer satisfaction.


Employ Facebook Messenger Chatbot To Answer Your Organization's Frequently Asked Questions By Gaining All The Functionalities Of FAQ Bot

Benefits Of Using FAQ Chatbot For Businesses

Easy 24/7 customer support without any human resource.

Reduces customer support agent work and staffing cost.

Understands customers' behavior using rating and survey questions.

Why Choose FAQ Chatbot Developed By BotMyWork?

We provide Bot customization to let users' meet all their business specifications.

In next release, we'll introduce FAQ import functionality to make our Bot more cogent.

In Facebook Messenger Marketing use FAQ Chatbot to produce better engagement.

Build your Q&A Bot for Facebook Messenger in minimum time.

Increase Customer Engagement By Customizing The FAQ Bot As Per Your Business Requirements