Setting up Polls have never been Easier before

Challenges behind choosing accurate option

Challenges behind Choosing the Accurate Option

Creating polls according to our need is not an easy task. If we want to ask anything or want the views of different people then it is very complicated to know the details on a single platform.

Moreover, while you are in the middle of planning events in your organization or community, you often look for others' opinions on certain matters like the choice of food, music, etc. EventOnBot+ is the answer.

I need polls. And this gives me polls. This software is easy to use and self intuitive.
Chris Dancy at Click-A-Shift

Anonymous Polls are possible

If you want to know in others' opinion about any topic, just create a new poll with the help of EventOnBot+ and it will ask your question with different options. Participants can even comment on their view if different than options.

With EventOnBot+, now it's very smooth to ask for anonymous opinions of others so that participant's identity is not revealed.

One solution- EventOnBot+

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