Single Dashboard for Team Summary & Analytics

All Things are on One Platform

All Things are on One Platform

It is very hindering to check the reports of different people at different platforms. The user has to sum up these different reports of Events, Polls and To-do lists at his own.

Most of the times, users forget which report they checked before, and ultimately get confused. Here comes the EventOnBot+ Dashboard.

EventOnBot+ helps companies to automate the process of planning, marketing, organizing, and analyzing promotional events. This type of software can be used for event registration, managing different events, attendees, and onsite operations management. It can also be utilized to conduct real-time polls to engage the audience and to use customer feedback to enhance future events.

Collect the Detailed Analytics for the whole Team

EventOnBot+ shows you the full report of upcoming events. You can also check the number of pending events and points in your To-do list - everything at one place.

Not only this, but you can also check the list of recent polls created with the total number of votes on a poll with a graphical representation.

Detailed Analytics for whole team

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