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Create and plan events

Now! Create and Plan Events in a very simple way

Sometimes it is very arduous to plan multiple events at a time. It is not easy to send updates about upcoming events to multiple people manually.

Most of the time it seems that while planning for an event, we have to inform each and every person through emails or SMS & it is also very difficult for the users to ask any query about that event.

I liked how easy it was for me to create events. It was very user-friendly and intuitive.

Many problems? One solution! EventOnBot+

Don't worry! now it is very easy to do event planning. EventOnBot+ helps you to create & plan events quickly. Not only that, EventOnBot+ gives reminders about upcoming events. Sometimes it seems that people are not aware of upcoming events, because they are busy with their tasks.

With EventOnBot+, we can also check the status of interested people that are going to participate in the event - according to the factual information you can manage your events.

One solution- EventOnBot+

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