How BotMyWork Contributes To Your eCommerce Business?

A Messenger chatbot connects your eCommerce business with 1.73 Billion daily users of Facebook and Messenger

Rich and User-Initiated Interaction

An eCommerce chatbot opens immediate, personalized, two-way automated conversation from millions of prospects on Facebook and Messenger with your brand. Plenty of bot elements – images, GIFs, videos, forms, links, etc. makes the automated conversation dynamic, rich, and fulfilling.

All 3 Sales Stages Automated at One Platform

Chatbots streamline all the three sales stages – lead generation, engagement, and conversion, together at one platform. Since, conversations are user-initiated, hence open rates are as high as 70-80% and click through rate (CTR) as 15-60%, which is far more than emails or other traditional ways.

Better Sales Targeting With Analytics

eCommerce Chatbots collect data of potential leads through various interactions, which if merged with Facebook Pixel, improves Facebook ads retargeting. This data-driven, action-based targeting improves conversion rate by 50% and increases ROI to severalfold. Chabtots are also capable of reading comments and automatically replying with relevant information.

Recover Lost Sales

BotMyWork chatbots come with powerful abandoned cart recovery strategies. It identifies the lost-sales, re-targets them with one-to-one sales offers and marketing.

Live Chat Anytime

Customers sometimes demand a live chat to directly interact with humans instead of bots. The feature of live chat lets human representatives directly get in live conversation with the prospects that are acquired by the chatbots.

Broadcasting at One Click

Broadcasting lets you send one common message to a selected list of subscribers in one click. A powerful way to announce newly launched products, special offers, or brand news, to your all subscribers, saving several productive hours.

One Chatbot, Different Platforms

Easily place your Messenger chatbot to your eCommerce website, and directly converse with the website visitors, one-to-one, on your messenger. With this, all the advantages of conversational marketing can be harnessed on your eCommerce website to one common Messenger platform.

Seamless Integration

Integrate your chatbot with 3,000+ world-class tools with Zapier Integration, exchange data with two-way syncing, and make your chatbot more intelligent and capable

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Messenger chatbot?

    A Messenger chatbot is a tool designed to simulate human-like conversations on Facebook Messenger, and automate conversation with the prospects. These are programs that reply with specific ready-made answers on being asked questions with specific terms.

  • What can the chatbot do for my eCommerce business?

    Chatbots can wear multiple hats and can do all the major sales and customer support related activities that a normal sales or service representative can do. Chatbots collect leads, engage them with automated conversation, and provide relevant information that they demand. Furthermore, chatbots collect data, for future re-targeting.

  • Is there any ready to use eCommerce template?

    Yes! BotMyWork provides you with a ready-made eCommerce template that you can import, and edit as per your brand’s needs, and save your time and effort for other productive work. With an eCommerce template, you don’t need to put-in extra hours training your bot. All you need is to reframe the template and personalize it with your brand.

  • Is there any free plan that I can take before the paid version?

    Yes. BotMyWork Chatbot Builder comes in three plans – Free, Pro, and Premium. Free version has all basic features required to effectively operate and enjoy all the basic advantages of chatbots such as lead generation, engagement, and conversion, but to a limited amount.