3.Connecting with Facebook Page

The most important step is to connect your bot with facebook page. This allows your bot to respond to every query user asks on your facebook page inbox.

Go to navigable option and click on the Settings.


In this section, all the pages are listed and you can choose any one page where you want to work your bot. and get subscribed to all responses you will set on this platform.


Now, enabling Wit. NLP for your bot using the platform. If you have not WIT token you can generate a token by clicking on the given link.


After clicking on the link you can create a new app id.

app id

Fill all the details and import zip file of a backup, it is a pre-defined data to provide the training your bot. This zip file provided by us as helps you to give training your bot.


After creating the app you can see that your bot is ready with some guidance. Now you go with the settings.


In the setting section, you can get the Access token (Wit token).

access token

Paste the Wit token here and enable the checkbox to use Facebook Wit and click on the submit.


Now you need to turn on NLP.


Turn on getting started button.

start button

Save the page


Now your bot is ready with the Facebook page as the user interaction.

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