6.Chatbot Concepts

a) Entity:
Entities are the unique elements in a query or sentence asked by the user. Entities can be a single word or multiple words. Whole sentences can also be marked as an entity if required which will then be called traits.
For eg. In this sentence.
The entities will be
1. you – which will be marked as a contact
2. pepperoni – as pizza type
3. pizza – as product
You can create a new entity by clicking on the “Create Entity” and also edit and delete the existing entity.


Here you can set the response of the particular entity by clicking on an entity set.


b) Intents:

Intents are the summarization of sentences into a single keyword. Each sentence must be provided with at least one unique intent. for example “greet” intent is the summarization of all greetings sentences like Hi, Hello, How are you etc. You can also add new intents by clicking on “create intent” and also edit and delete the existing intent.


Set the response to the individual expression according to entities value and entity name, you can also set the global responses for the intent if the expression does not match to the existing expression then sends the global response.


c) Traning:

In this panel, you can train your bot by providing all possible real-time expressions that the user can query to your bot. You can mark expressions with intents and entities values previously defined or create. When opting for entities you can either choose among the previously defined entity values or can enter the value from the expressions itself.

training setting

Expressions: You can add more expression according to your need.
Entity Name: You can select the entities you want to enter for the bot to learn accordingly.
Entity Value:  In this panel, you have to give the Entity value for the Entity Name.

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