It is very certain that by 2020, 85% of customers will be responding to chatbots which will be nothing more than computer program/artificial intelligence that will be communication like human round the clock.

Going by the trend, chatbots have high potency to upscale any business with its engagement rate with its customers/clients in no time. So, we came by with similar chatbot framework which will develop your business on the lines of client engagement with ease.


With our chatbot, your clients can easily connect with your Facebook pages in just 3 simple steps. This includes:

  1. Login to our platform via Facebook login.
  2. Select the Facebook page to which you want the bot to communicate with your clients.
  3. You can now connect to your Facebook page with Facebook Wit account which provides NLP. You can get wit token from the wit setting panel.

Adding to this, you can also train this bot according to your e-commerce shop and thereby feed it with data which matters to your occupation.

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