Use Messenger Bots To Connect With Real-Time Leads

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What weighs as an entrepreneur of a small or large firm? Is how many qualified leads you've converted at the end of the day! Lead conversion relies on the circumstances an organization presents to their prospects to transform them into customers'. In today's digital marketing terrain, it's interesting to notice that individuals and businesses pay a large amount of their revenue on lead generation tools to close more leads in real-time. Bots are simply one of the tools that help businesses to acquire more eligible leads in actual time without human interference!

Create A Pipeline Of Qualified Leads

Messenger bot enables businesses to create a pipeline of qualified leads by letting them acquire meaningful lead information during live communication. The bot automatically stores user data like email address, mobile number, location, and other demographic details that can be retrieved any time for further lead nurturing.

botmywork bot builder
botmywork bot builder

Connect In Real-Time With Potential Leads

Connect with real-time leads to transform them into customers' by providing a natural conversational environment.

Essential Information Can Be Retrieved From A Single Dashboard

Converting a lead into a customer is like adding colors in canvas as all the meaningful information that might be needed for lead nurturing can be fetched from a single dashboard.

botmywork bot builder
botmywork bot builder

Sets Out Personalized Customer Experience

It provides personalized & organic conversational surrounding to the lead during the live chat. This reduces ticket number for the customer support agent and hence closes more potential leads for the business.

Employ Chatbot Marketing In Your Organization To Connect With Real-Time Leads!

Benefits Of Using Facebook Messenger Bot As A Lead Generation Tool

Provides cordial interface during a live chat on Facebook Messenger platform.

Facebook Messenger chatbot stores lead information to convert them into customers.

Forms a real-time connection with leads & hence reduces customer support time.

Why Choose Messenger Bot Developed By BotMyWork?

We provide Bot customization to let users' meet all their business specifications.

No lead generation tool is needed if Facebook business pages are connected with BotMyWork Chatbot Builder App.

Easy to engage with the target audience using Facebook Messenger bot.

Create follow-up email workflow & check user data by inserting condition for better lead conversions.

Leverage Conversational Marketing To Connect Real-Time Leads Without Pestering Yourself!