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BotMyWork Chatbot Builder

helps you create Chatbots for Facebook Messenger in 5 minutes. Create a chatbot for your business today and utilize in marketing, e-commerce, and support!

What is BotMyWork Chatbot Builder?

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder for Facebook Messenger is simply one of the automation products used to engage and interact with leads on Facebook Messenger to convert them into loyal customers for the business. It helps businesses by letting them add more advanced functionalities into their Facebook Messenger Bot to extend their customer base.

Without implementing a single line of code, developers and businesses can automate customer support, answer queries, and strengthen customer bond by interacting on a regular basis.

The New Marketing Strategy- Facebook Messenger Bot Comprises Only Profits!

Stats Don't Lie - Facebook Messenger Chatbots Is The Need Of The Hour!

80 %

Businesses Will Adopt A Chatbot By The End Of 2020!

55 %

Customers Engage With Businesses That Uses Messenger Chatbots

84 %

Open Rate Messages Receives That Are Sent Through Facebook Messenger

What You Can Do with this BotMyWork Chatbot Builder

Integrate Facebook Page

Integrate Your Facebook Page

Bot integration with Facebook Page can be established within 5 minutes

Engage Customers

Engage To Gain Customers

Connect with your Leads in Real-time to convert into customers

Filter Out

Filter Out As Per Your Need

Send Messages to selected set of subscribers with Targeted Triggers

Customer Segmentation

Perform Customer Segmentation

Tag and Segment Customers based on Interest and Demographic details

No Restriction

No Restriction On Message Type

Supports rich messaging formats like quick replies, carousels, location queries and other buttons

Chatbot Testing

Perform Chatbot Testing

Live Bot Testing on Facebook Messenger is available to check bot intelligence

FAQ Chatbot

Your own FAQ Chatbot for your Business

Create a series of FAQs for an individual products or services via Facebook chatbot builder to spread awareness among audience

Broadcast Messages

Send Broadcast Messages

Broadcast notifications, updates and promotions can be sent to all subscribers on Facebook Messenger

Live Chat Widget

Improves Customer Service

Bot Runs 24/7 on your Website with Messenger Live Chat Widget

Human Takeover Chat

Human Takeover On Live Chat

Agents can take over the chat for 30 minutes to solve customer queries if required. The human takeover time can be extended and can exit the conversation according to their availability.

Analytics Report

Quick Check Analytics Report

Dashboard with Bot Summary & Analytics Reports is present on Chatbot Builder for Facebook Messenger

Saves time

Acquire ready to use Facebook Chatbot Templates (coming soon)

Chatbot Builder will include pre built templates to create a bot conversation flow for different businesses

Integrate with e-commerce

Integrate Chatbot with e-commerce and CRM Platforms (coming soon)

Integrate Chatbot with popular e-commerce and CRM Platforms like Wordpress, Hubspot, Zendesk, etc.

Natural Language Processing

Grow Audience With Human Touch (coming soon)

More Powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) is used to create a realistic conversational environment


Messenger Chatbot Training Service (coming soon)

Chatbot training service will be available to coach your bot to manage data with more responsibility

How to Start?

For initiating all the features, it is compulsory that you should login with facebook.
After successful login, list of all your Facebook pages will appear. You choose to which page you want this bot to work.
Fill default settings for your chatbot for Facebook page.
Now, go to Stories section of the BotMyWork Chatbot Builder. Here you see two blocks by default. Those are Welcome block and Default block. Edit these blocks as per your requirement.
Now, move to Knowledge-base section. Here you can create as many groups and add their responses. This section helps you to train your chatbot to answer FAQs about your business.
Finally, go to Facebook Messenger and review how your chatbot is interacting with visitors.

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Reasons To Choose BotMyWork Facebook Messenger Chatbot!

We believe in changing the world of AI by introducing flexible, adaptable, and easy to exercise chatbots.

Our Chatbot Guru's understand the importance of Facebook Messenger and that's why they've added countless functionalities and still working to add more...

We provide 24/7 clock-cycle support because we work on making the roots strong! and for any business customers are its roots. We work to enhance customer roots...

We not only develop Facebook chatbots, but we also provide chatbot customization to help our customers' meet all their business specifications.

Words Of Inspiration From The Founder & CEO

botmywork bot builder

I believe in opting the new marketing techniques and tools to take the business to new milestones. Facebook Messenger marketing is simply one of the new trends and need of today's digital marketers as it offers better results than traditional email marketing. BotMyWork Chatbot Builder is designed to help developers and marketers to connect and engage with billions through a single platform, Messenger.

Himanshu Rauthan

Founder & CEO


Big Brands Trust Us

Pricing Plan

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder lets you start with 30-day FREE Trial!!

During our trial period, you can get aware of the system, build chatbot for your Facebook Page, create as many chatbot stories, create broadcasts, or even use Live Chat Handover.When you are ready to start conversational experience with your customers, select your preferred pricing plan.



Number of Chatbots you can build and manage

Number of subscribers


The number of all Subscribers (even unsubscribed users are counted)

Lead Generation Form


Enables you to ask any information through user input you can use for later. Ex: phone number, email.

Broadcasts to Subscribers


Broadcasts are messagees you can send to all of your subscribers at once

User segments


Create user list based on your audience behaviour and broadcast even more personalized content.

Live Chat Handover


Enable users to pause the bot and switch to a human instantly. Your team will be able to reply via Live Chat section in your account.

Number of Groups for FAQs


The number of total groups created in knowledgebase section for the purpose of FAQ for subscribers

Help in Building Chatbot


Our team of developers will help you in building a chatbot for you

No BotMyWork Watermark


Remove "” watermark from bot builing blocks.

Customer Support


Customer Chat Support

One to one training session


Training sessions to get started, add advanced features or simply improve your bots.

Chatbots 1
Number of subscribers upto 500
Lead Generation Form
Broadcasts to Subscribers
User segments
Live Chat Handover
Number of Groups for FAQs 50 (Lifetime)
Help in Building Chatbot
No BotMyWork Watermark
Customer Support Facebook Community
One to one training session
Get Started FREE
Chatbots 1
Number of subscribers Upto 25000
Lead Generation Form
Broadcasts to Subscribers
User segments
Live Chat Handover
Number of Groups for FAQs Unlimited
Help in Building Chatbot
No BotMyWork Watermark
Customer Support Live Chat Support
One to one training session
  • users up to

    $ /month

  • 500


  • 2000


  • 5000


  • 10000


  • 25000


Start 30-day FREE trial
Chatbots 1
Number of subscribers Unlimted
Lead Generation Form
Broadcasts to Subscribers
User segments
Live Chat Handover
Number of Groups for FAQs Unlimited
Help in Building Chatbot
No BotMyWork Watermark
Customer Support Live Chat Support
One to one training session
Starts from $99/month
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a Messenger bot do?

A messenger bot engages with your customers and communicates on your behalf. It understands what your customers are asking and reply according to the reponse you set for that particular questions predicted for a particular replies category.

What are the requirements for building a Chatbot?

Following are the only things you need to make chatbot work:

  1. Facebook Account
  2. Facebook Page

Where does the Chatbot take place?

Once Chatbot is LIVE on your Facebook Page, it is integrated within the messages you receive on your page. So your bot will interact with and answer visitors that contact you through the private messages feature of your Facebook Page, or through the Messenger application. You can check out the conversation directly into your Facebook account.

What about a chatbot for different channels, other than Facebook Messenger?

Currently this is only available for Facebook Messenger, but we are planning to extend our domain to other channels too.

Can I step in during an interaction between the chatbot and the user?

Yes, this feature is availbale with BotMyWork Chatbot Builder. With Live Chat Handover feature, you can also make it automatic.

I don't know how to set up my Chatbot or am just too busy. Can you guys help me?

Yes, why not. We will help you make your own personilized chatbot, just contact us and give us the details of the bot you want.

How much do I need to pay for using BotMyWork Chatbot Builder?

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder can be used free of cost as long as you want upto 500 subscribers. Please check pricing section to know more about all pricing plans.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We primarily accept payments via Paypal. For India, we accept via PayU. If needed, we accept all major credit cards as well for payment.

Where are your servers located?

The BotMyWork servers are located in Los Angeles, United States. We provide a 99.9% service uptime for our paid accounts. Read more about data protection.

Is the money refundable, if you stop using BotMyWork Chatbot Builder in the middle of the month?

No, the money shall not be refunded in any case where you stopped using BotMyWork Chatbot Builder services. Read more about terms of service and refund policy.

Extremely Busy?

we can help you create your bot for Facebook Messenger

Customizations and bot building from BotMyWork developers available