botmywork bot builder
botmywork bot builder

Improve your Customer Relationship with the power of

Artificial Intelligence

BOTMYWORK CHATBOT BUILDER helps you build FACEBOOK MESSENGER Chatbot for your BUSINESS in 2 minutes setup with the help of NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING!

What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are programs that can stimulate human conversation by understanding inputs (text, audio, etc.) and give output based on the pre-defined data.

Simply start conversation with Botmywork bot in Facebook Messenger and check out the power of chatbot to level up marketing, sales and support.

What is Botmywork Chatbot Builder?

It is a tool by means of which you can create a chatbot with No Programming Required. Botmywork Chatbot Builder helps you by letting you add more functionality to your messenger bot by Creating a Conversational Flow and Natural Language Processing. No Coding is required.

So start creating your bot in 2 minutes like never before with Botmywork Chatbot Builder. All you need to do is connect your Facebook Page to Botmywork Chatbot Builder and you'll be ready to go.

Our Features


Integration with your Facebook Page in 5 Minutes

Saves time

Readymade Templates to Create Bot Conversation Flow


More Powerful Conversation with Facebook Natural Language Processing (NLP) for training and defining bot responses


On Demand Chatbot Training for Your Chatbot


Live Bot Testing in Facebook Messenger


Extract key information from user inputs and save them for later use


Exhaustive Documentation with Video Tutorials


Initiate a conversation with the users based on set rules or triggers


Bot guides the user during the conversation by providing helpful hints and options


User would think that he is talking to human rather than a chatbot


Continuously track the sentiment of users' phrases


Easily use these native elements such as "quick replies", "carousels", "location queries" and other options


Free of Cost during Beta Program


Broadcast messages to all subscribers at once (coming very soon)


Integration with Popular Marketing tools (coming soon)


Dashboard with Bot Analytics (coming soon)


Human Takeover Chat and Livechat Anytime (coming soon)


One Click Cloning of Chatbot (coming soon)

How will Chatbot look on my site?

Chatbot Demos developed on Botmywork Chatbot Builder


Demo bot for Pizza Shop

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Saves time

Demo bot for Coffee Shop

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Demo bot for Shoe Shop

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how do i build a Chatbot?

For initiating all the features, it is compulsory that you should login with facebook
List of all your Facebook pages will appear, you choose to which page you want this bot to work
Facebook is the platform using which you can enable Natural Language Processing into your bot. This platform helps the bot to understand what exactly the user is trying to query. You can enable/disable it at any point of time.
You can generate API key from platform.
Hit the save button, your basic chatbot is ready.
You can choose to allow usage of facebook templates, you can even make a flow out of it. The user will interact with your bot templates and respond respectively.

Why Choose Us


Leader in Team Collaboration Tool Integrations

Saves time

Custom Chatbot Development Experts


Best Customer Support 24X7

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Do you know that Botmywork Chatbot Builder is a beta?

"Botmywork Chatbot Builder is a beta" means that we are learning from beta users (people interested as you) how to make the best product, and so our Chatbot Builder will be carefully designed to fit their needs.

During our beta, we are giving away one chatbot to our beta users, as a gift for their time and feedback. When we are ready, Botmywork Chatbot Builder will be no longer beta, but a chatbot platform you can easily use to automate conversational experience with your customers.


During beta

Frequently Asked Questions

What can a Messenger bot do?

A messenger bot engages with your customers and communicates on your behalf. It understands what your customers are asking and reply according to the reponse you set for that particular questions predicted for a particular replies category.

What are the requirements for building a Chatbot?

Following are the only things you need to make chatbot work:

  1. Facebook Account
  2. Facebook Page
  3. Facebook API key

Where does the Chatbot take place?

Once Chatbot is LIVE on your Facebook Page, it is integrated within the messages you receive on your page. So your bot will interact with and answer visitors that contact you through the private messages feature of your Facebook Page, or through the Messenger application. You can check out the conversation directly into your Facebook account.

Is there any Artificial intelligence in my Chatbot?

Yes of course, in market currently 90% bots are not offering this feature, but we are. We are using Facebook for Natural Language Processing which predicts and extracts the meaning out of the sentences to which you can set responses from our panel.

What about a chatbot for different channels, other than Facebook Messenger?

Currently this is only available for Facebook Messenger, as it is only a Beta version but we are planning to extend our domain to other channels too.

Can I step in during an interaction between the chatbot and the user?

Yes, this feature will be availbale in our next version.

I don't know how to set up my Chatbot or am just too busy. Can you guys help me?

Yes, why not. We will help you make your own personilized chatbot, just contact us and give us the details of the bot you want.

How much do I need to pay for using Botmywork Chatbot Builder?

In Beta version, Botmywork Chatbot Builder can be used free of cost.

Extremely Busy?

we can help you create your bot for Facebook Messenger