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Caution!!! Embrace team management without these 7 things!

April 27, 2018

Rejected | No | Sorry | Requires improvement | No, this is not relevant, its not required | bad work!!!

Phew! You must have got bad flavor to your mouth after reading out these words. But, this is the real case of today’s team management in IT sector.

With squashing of time and entertaining rebuking remarks of your seniors, it is very normal that you get tumble across these things. Well, you need to simply avoid in task management.

You must be knowing through your relatives or even by your own personal experience that what all goes in to achieve better employee grade/band while you are working in a system.

Nevertheless, you must have noticed that there is no single person working behind the scene and producing marvelous work report or project task!

There is , a whole team behind the curtain and working to bring out better result while you all are working together. But, we all are humans and by whom mistake happens!

And upon that, don’t you worry-there is no longer whole-soul human thinking applied. Time has seen a sea change and that is where bots replaces human intelligence. From serving dishes for commercial hub to managing tasks for official purpose, bots has changes the picture.

Let’s count upon 7 things to avoid in team task management

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” -Michael Jordan


As you see, Michael Jordan focused upon our theme of this blog which is nothing more than showing the other side of team management. These generally goes under-vein when great results are foreseen.

Let’s chuck off these mischances:

1- Mismanagement in team tasking and unable to set up goals: Yes, this can be a serious problem when you are a team lead and team management is a great work for your group. Let me remind you that, you all have to indulge in working together to bring out better result. You really need to streamline your management process which will definitely help you to reach your desired goal.

For instance, you may get view of the project task by advanced dashboard from where you can get full analysis about your whole team and their task list. This is done in real time and helps to show which team member is assigned with which task and without any mischance.

team tasking


2- Sub-tasking a single project into smaller sub-sections: This will be very helpful in the part of your team members. It will help to install this service for better execution of the task assigned in a managed form. Dividing task for better work flow will really smooth-en team management from the very initial level to its final submission.

For instance, this will enhance not even your working performance but will regularize the process in sub-section. Simultaneously it will streamlined process. TaskOnBot will successfully help you and your teammates to add subtasks and checklist against any task from Slack.

3- Inability to tap with deadlines: This has become a normal phenomena which shows inability to meet deadline on real time basis. Team management’s main pivotal pillar stands as streamline working and meeting its deadlines on time. But, sadly due to lack of concentration and simultaneous others project flow in real time, heading for scheduled deadlines become a U-pin for the team management process.

For instance, by bot service which is mainly designed for proper team management, helps to set due date and time for the project assigned. Today’s bot services which are specially designed for better functionality for Slack provide a raised platform. This helps to showcase all your assigned task and would thereby help you to tap all your project task.


4- Unclear project plan: Developing a realistic project plan will provide a mix which will cover whole team consulting. Not only that, it too includes other project sponsors and team members who will initiate this project. There are at times, when there is a project but there is no road map to it. This really degrades the level of the project and the finished product. A well thought project plan always includes:

  • How long it would take time to accomplish each task?
  • In which order the task should run?
  • Does the sub-task will be perform simultaneously?

And many other…

5- Inadequate resources or refreshment:

You must have heard the famous saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” . Same thing applies here. I know that you are too busy but still apart from team management and project task, you too need to keep some time off for yourself. To sustain a stable life with working together as whole team, it is too encouraging to include social life also. It will inculcate a different persona all together. So, refreshments are necessary so to get balanced life!


team resource management


6- Not regularly communicating within team: If you are not communicating as a whole team, then you are missing out alot! Not only you but your whole team should initiate weekly meetings. Lending ample focus from team management, working together and discussing things are very important to bring out better results.

It is very important to keep the communication streaming at all times so to curb down loop holes while working upon project/tasks in whole team. Because, lack of it can impact the quality of your deliverables and heads to forget deadlines.

But, if you are little aware about your road map of the project then you cannot forget the deadlines. Through adding recurring dates for Daily, Weekly and Monthly tasks of the same repetitive task. Not only that, if you a team lead you will also initiate extracting progress report of your team by name, status and priority. This will surely initiate healthy communication within team which also brings out shortcoming in the process. It will help to streamline the process.


7-Letting things go out of hand: Well, if you are working together in a whole team, it is definite that there can be short comings if you do not bring justice to whole team management concept.

Keeping heed with ruthless situation in the task management, ‘Scope Creep‘ takes place while missing out requirements or are incapable in management process. This simply can take place if new information is added to the assigned project and eventually not informed to the members of the team.

These are major impacted if not handled properly you are working together.

Let’s wrap up!

I am not saying that these are the final points which will foreseen by you and your team from facing pitfalls. There can be many and it may vary from company to company and different departments.

You just have to Keep Calm and fulfill reporting requirement of the project task assigned!

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Caution!!! Embrace team management without these 7…

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