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Opportunities don’t happen. You create them | Champions of Deloitte Technology Fast 50, India Rank #22

November 13, 2018

We truly believe by the words expressed by Chris Grosser… and that’s why we have adorned it on the top. […]

stand up meeting scrum mistakes
7 grave mistakes to ward-off during Scrum Daily Meets

October 29, 2018

Beware! Does your organization face shortcomings due to the daily meeting? Then, you need to read this… Just a stand-up […]

effective scrum meeting feature image
Just 15 minutes and know your tasks via Scrum Meeting….

October 9, 2018

Meeting Alert: Project manager along with team leaders are requested to gather at level 2 sharp by 10 am Yes, […]

Hello, I’m your chatbot and I will be talking to you!

August 16, 2018

Botmywork presents you with AI-driven Chatbot Builder all for your business and e-commerce platforms Adding one more feather on our […]

Choose simple tricks to add automation to your teamwork

April 13, 2018

Meeting at the conference room, sharp at 9:00 am. This sentence is more than enough to startle someone from normal […]

slack botmywork
Top 5 ways Slack bots help boost team productivity

March 22, 2018

Have you seen the movie 2050? If not, you must have heard about it! Well, I am not saying that […]